Join the Movement

NeXus provides black owned businesses with a smart set of tools to showcase their business and connect to a community of consumers as well as other successful and developing businesses.

1. Reach local consumers as part of our directory of black owned businesses

2. Gain access to NeXus marketing opportunities and community networking.

3. Gain access to business resources, mentorship and other educational tools.

Are you a Business Owner?

How to Support without a Business


1. Apply to NeXus

Use the form below to submit your business information to our community network. Once we create your account and you become a member of the NeXus business owner’s community, you will be able to submit the details for your business listing in our directory. By uploading photos, adding helpful links to your website or to social media, filling out an address, hours of operation and other information that you may find relevant, you can help drive more customers to your business.

1. Donate

The NeXus community is dedicated to promoting, and working personally with black-owned businesses in the area in order to help see them strive. We have a great team with ambitious goals, and the diligence to see them come true, but that is not to say that we can do it all without your help. By donating, you can personally help on the mission to create more business-enriching programs for the community that not only grow, but last. If you are interested in helping, we’d love to talk to you about how you can donate and where your contributions go.

Get Discovered

2. Get Discovered by Visitors

Upon confirmation, your business will be added to the NeXus network which means your listing will appear throughout the website and will be searchable by visitors interested or looking for your goods, services, or similar places. You will also gain access to all of the resources and benefits of NeXus membership.

2. Follow Us / Join Our Newsletter

You can stay in tune with what we are doing in the community, between workshops, events or countless other programs, by following us on social media. Help us be seen and heard on more platforms and bigger audiences – If you like something you see, you can help us spread the word by sharing!


3. Increase your Earnings

Once discovered, customers will start coming to you! It’s your job from here to make them happy and to leave positive reviews. That’s how NeXus helps our community make the best possible spending decisions. As part of NeXus, we will give you the tools to help your business thrive.

3. Support Local Business

Browse our business directory to find local black-owned businesses. If you find a business you like, don’t hesitate to drop by and give them a visit. By becoming customers of the businesses in our community, we help our neighborhoods, our economy, and most importantly, one another to create more opportunities for jobs and entrepreneurship.